Adult Onset Scoliosis

Adult onset scoliosis is caused by degeneration of the vertebrae that begins with the disintegration of parts of the spinal discs (Garcia-Ramos et al., 2015; Oskouian &Shaffrey, 2006; Wong, Oh, & Gray, 2017). Uneven disk space then leads to loss of vertebral integrity so that the vertebrae become wedge shaped. The wedging in the vertebrae […]

Juvenile Scoliosis

Juvenile idiopathic (unknown origin) scoliosis is scoliosis that occurs in children between the ages of three and nine (Vitale, 2019).  Although it accounts for less than one quarter of scoliosis’s that are idiopathic, seventy percent of children with scoliosis will have curve angles that will increase sufficiently to need treatment (Vitale, 2019).  Research showed that […]

Percentage of Teens with Scoliosis

According to the U.S Preventative Services Task Force up to three percent of teens, ages 10 -16 years of age have scoliosis (2018). Those who have curves of 40 degree Cobb angles will continue to progress into adulthood (U.S Preventative Services Task Force, 2018). According to Tan, Moe, Vaithinathan, and Wong (2009) progression of scoliosis […]