Very proud of this hard working young woman. 14 years old, Risser 0. Following eight sessions of Schroth therapy and bracing. T-7 through L-3 Cobb angle decreased from 20.7 degrees to 10 degrees.

This amazing girl 14 y.o. girl worked very hard. Following about eight months of Schroth therapy and bracing, her thoracic curve improved from 29.7 to 12.8 degrees. Her lumbar curve improved from 24.3 to 17.4 degrees.

This hard working 19 year old did a 15 hour intensive Schroth training with me; three hours a day for five days. Below is a picture of his posture on his first day before he started training and his posture after his fifth day when he finished.

Remarkable effort on the part of this 15 y.o. girl. Her lumbar curve Cob angle improved from 26 degrees to 18.7 degrees from 05/09/2019 to 08/22/2019. Her Cobb angle measurement 11/08/2018 measured 27.6 degrees. Since then she did Schroth exercises without bracing.

This gentleman started Schroth three years ago at age 15. The picture on the left was taken 12/30/2017. The one on the right 02/15/2020.

This 12 y.o. worked hard for over one hour every day. She reduced her largest, thoracic curve Cobb angle to 25 degrees from 33 degrees in five months.

X-Ray of an 18-year -old female after 11 sessions in 3 months of Schroth therapy done entirely by telehealth without bracing. In spite of skeletal maturity her lumbar curve Cobb angle decreased by 14.2 degrees.

12/16/2020 Risser stage V.
Thoracic Cobb angle 35.4 degrees.
Lumbar Cobb angle 33 degrees

3 /19 /2021. Risser stage V.
Thoracic Cobb 33.7 degrees.
Lumbar Cobb angle 18.8 degrees.

X-Ray of an exceptionally motivated 12-year -old female after three months of Schroth therapy and 4.5 months of Cheneau Rigo bracing. Major curve Cobb angle decreased by 10 degrees and she is no longer a surgical candidate.

7/27/2020 Sander’s stage 2.
Lumbar Cobb angle 44.7 degrees.

2/05/2021. Sander’s stage 4
Lumbar Cobb angle 34.3 degrees

This 16 -year- old hard-working patient with an already mature skeleton was able to improve her lumbar curve Cobb angle improvement 5 degrees without bracing. She seen for 14 sessions from 1/20/2021 to 8/06/2021. The first 4 were telehealth.

9/8/2020 Risser stage V.
Lumbar Cobb angle 40 degrees.

 8/11/2021 Risser stage V.
Lumbar curve Cobb angle 35 degrees.