Myofascial release was conceived d by the founder of Osteopathy, AT Still and further developed by Robert Ward in the 1960’s. Central to the principle of myofascial release is that the sheath of connective tissue (fascia) surrounding muscles becomes tight due to postural habits, injury or postural responses to  emotional stress. Myofascial release puts a strain the tight fascia which then “unwinds”  or releases tension.  Because muscles attach to the spine and peripheral joints,  tight fascia can cause these joint to impinge. Myofascial release will release these impingements I have found this technique valuable to  areas of muscle tension that surround the scapulae or shoulder blades. Asymmetric scapular movement will result in shoulder, thoracic and cervical impingements.  I also use this technique for cervical and thoracic spinal pain

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